Haris Satiadi & Partners (HSP) is a dedicated law firm that provides integrated and qualified legal services in Indonesia. HSP strives and aims to provide the best holistic legal solution to our clients.

More than 10 (ten) years, Haris Satiadi, SH., handling various kinds of law cases from clients in form of company (national and multinational), State - Owned Enterprises (BUMN) as well as individuals.

By adhering firmly to HSP’s Values: Humanist, Synergy, and Professional, HSP carefully handles our clients in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding regarding the problems as well as the goal of each client. HSP strives to provide the best and complete solution to legal problems.



HSP strives for the realization of life based on humanity. HSP believes that every human being has the right to obtain good and proper protection as God's creation. HSP is willing to serve for the benefit of fellow human beings and provide legal assistance to anyone without seeing Tribes, Religion, Race, Groups, and other orientations. Promotes high human dignity and defends human rights without exception. HSP believes that all human beings must be respected by other human beings and therefore HSP is willing to provide the best service to actualize that mindset


HSP strives to build and ensure productive cooperation relationships and harmonious partnerships among the teams, clients, law enforcement and stakeholders to produce useful and quality services. HSP pursues and strives for an effective process and always aiming for positive results. HSP believes that diverse perspectives will complement the existing paradigm. HSP respects the diversity of opinions, ideas, perspectives, and any paradigm. HSP will be a forum to accommodate these differences, synergy and produce a mutual agreement. HSP is committed to creating positive synergies and building mutual trust between parties.


HSP is committed to bringing quality and a professional code of ethics in every service provided. HSP will be neutral and discipline themselves to target positive results for clients by taking consideration into applicable laws and regulations. HSP guarantees to provide professional assistance to clients from the beginning to the end of the service.